Administrative Committee



Each committee offers a variety of unique talents that help make our shows a success. You can join as many committees that you want! Click on the tab to learn more or just have fun exploring.

The Admin committee consists of the heads of each committee.

Learn more about the Admin here!


Special Events Committee


The Special Events committee provides various different activities for students, ranging from novelty events, and comedians.

Meetings are Tuesdays at 6 PM


Concerts Committee


The Concerts committee is responsible for planning concerts. This committee will discuss potential ideas, plan ways to promote the events, and help with day-of-show duties. Members will also do post-show evaluations to prepare for future acts.

Meetings are Wednesdays at 6pm


Lectures Committee


The Lectures committee plans the Distinguished Speaker Series. DSS brings established and successful artists, athletes, and political figures. The Lectures committee will pick who to bring, plan the night, and make sure things run smoothly the evening of the event. The committee is selected by application every semester.

Meetings are Tuesdays at 7:30 PM


Noontime Committee


This committee selects musical acts to perform every Friday at noon in the Noontime Lounge in the HUB. We work to bring as many different genres as possible throughout the year to appeal to as much of the student body as possible.

Meetings are Thursdays at 6:00 PM


Marketing Committee


The Marketing committee is responsible for spreading the word about all upcoming SPA events. This committee will brainstorm new and exciting ideas to reach students on campus and downtown to attend our shows. We work with Adobe products as well as Microsoft products to create posters, fliers, press releases and blurbs.

Meetings are Mondays at 5:30 PM

For press inquiries, contact Public Relations Chair Ryan Heidig at:



Membership Committee


The Membership committee plans social events for SPA members.This committee brainstorms ideas for outings that will gather SPA members from every committee.

Meetings are Tuesdays at 5 PM



Logistics Committee


The Logistics Committee handles day-of-show operations,. This includes load-in, load-out, volunteer management, and spectator safety.

The committee is selected by application every semester.


Hospitality Committee


The Hospitality Committee accommodates the performer and management of guests. This committee also handles all needs of the performer and any interactions between the performer and the general public.

The committee is selected by application every semester.


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